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The Aquatrail


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Coromandel Aquatrail

Touring the Coromandel Peninsula
    Coromandel Map


Fish and aquaculture sales at Thames Wholesale Fisheries on Shortland Wharf. Phone 07-868-6528



Closest boat launching site to Wilson’s Bay mussel farms, which offer excellent fishing.
To visit or fish off the mussel farms, you can also take a range of chartered trips such as barge fishing or kayaking – most of which leave from further up the coast at Te Kouma.


Coromandel Township

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The OPC mussel-processing factory is the major aquaculture factory on the Coromandel. 271 South Highway – with tours by appointment. Phone +64 7 866 2486.

Scallop Festival – an opportunity to celebrate the seafood and wine of the Coromandel, which is held around August/September each year.


Coromandel’s East Coast

A range of excellent , diving and adventure tourism (see Whitianga Information Centre for details)

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