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Seafood Platter
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Coromandel SeafoodLocal restaurants

Mouth-watering aquaculture delicacies such as mussels, oysters and paua, as well as a wide range of other seafood, are expertly cooked for your enjoyment at a number of top-class restaurants throughout the Coromandel Peninsula.

So if you are in Coromandel looking for delicious seafood, take a walk through the township, or call into the Information Centre for contact details.

A number of top restaurants and cafes are also listed in the “Homegrown Food Trail”, which is available both



Seafood festivals                             


Tourism Coromandel has also developed some very successful festivals based around the fishing and aquaculture industries. The most well-known is the annual Scallop Festival, which is held in spring each year.

To get more details about the Scallop Festival, please look up the Tourism Coromandel website, or

Whitianga Scallop Festival
The annual Scallop Festival in Whitianga attracts thousands of people to the region at a time of year when tourism numbers are traditionally lower, where they partake in a wine and seafood extravaganza.
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